Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome to the new Prestige Mills blog!

We are calling the blog “Fuzzy Side Up.” I like the humor in it, the irreverence. Business has become so serious (especially in light of our current economic climate) and my hope is that Fuzzy Side Up will remind us to bring a sense of humor to what we’re doing. And most important, remember the deep and important relationships we have developed over the years of working in “the business.”

Blogging is a new form of communication for Prestige and I’m proud to be one of its “voices.” As a long-standing member of the Prestige family it is gratifying to see the company embrace new technology and look for innovative ways to bring more value to our dealers, customers and partners.

Fuzzy Side Up will feature information about upcoming events such as the Atlanta Rug Show in January and Surfaces in February and we’ll include links to their sites. We’ll also provide updates and industry news and commentary.

We urge you to visit the Prestige website as well as Fuzzy Side Up frequently.

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